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product management leadership

Product  + Innovation

It can be challenging to think objectively about innovation. Each team is wrapped up in the ultimate vision that taking an objective step to the side can be difficult – but also critical. 

Analysis + Planning

Whether you are in a turnaround situation or capitalizing on fast growth, it is crucial to take an objective and analytical look at the state of the business.  


A business is more than what it sells. It is also the people that build and run it daily. The internal dynamics can be a force for exponential value. We help teams create functional relationships that deliver a ROI.

Communication + Team Dynamics

We Are Ballast

Just like the ballast of a ship, our goal is to keep your organization steady while you keep moving and transforming.


You don’t stop a ship when you need to adjust the sails. You can’t halt a whole organization while transformation is happening. 

Ballast is here for you.

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