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Open Office Hours

Let's talk. Whatever you want. No hooks, No charge.


  • not sure what to build first / next

  • need an unbiased opinion on a pivot

  • early product team might need some process

  • challenging internal dynamics


  • experienced product person (13+ years)

  • strengths: building small, improving stakeholder relationships, feature prioritization

  • prior roles: Wayfair, IBM, Johnson & Johnson... and more


We spend an hour talking about your business. Literally anything you want to talk about:

  • feature prioritization

  • product market fit

  • operations

  • team structure + mentoring

  • MVP + lean development strategies

  • stakeholder management + team dynamics

  • best lunch options near your office, etc

Pick the option that works best for you and we can connect. It'll be great.

How We Think

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