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What We do
Just like the ballast of a ship, our goal is to keep your organization steady while you keep moving and transforming.
You don’t stop a ship when you need to adjust the sails. You can’t halt a whole organization while transformation is happening. 
Ballast is here for you.
How We Work
Each client is different - and that's how we like it.

Clients engage with Ballast to deliver results that propel teams forward... and sometimes that just takes a couple hours.

Engagements are flexible and can be structured hourly or fixed price.

Product + Innovation

Product Management

It can be hard to think objectively about product strategy. Each team is wrapped up in the ultimate vision that taking an objective step to the side can be extremely hard – but also critical. We specialize in helping teams break down the idea, find the feature path, and deliver user value.... while being cognizant of organizational objectives. 

Lean Engineering Strategies

Is the team struggling to move faster? Are they challenging your lean, agile initiatives? Are you not sure where to start? We’ve seen development teams of all sizes make small changes to deliver greater value. 

Innovation Capabilities

Innovation is not hard. It represents a mental shift that affects an entire organization. We work with leaders to find the right opportunities to think "new" and arm them with the skills to do it successfully.


Analysis + Planning

Action Roadmaps

Whether you are in a turnaround situation or attempting to realize a transformation, knowing your goal is not enough. We guide companies in their efforts to realize change… and you don’t have to do it alone.

Operational Excellence

Operational efficiency is more than just sharing leading practices and advice. We help clients achieve sustainable processes and operational improvements through tenable solutions. We spend the time to understand organizations first. Processes are not a one size fits all solution.

eCommerce Consulting

The omnichannel retail age is complex. Consumers demand variety, detail, and a seamless experience. We work with clients to analyze, streamline, and showcase their current offering. Our eCommmerce experience is deep and honed at some of the best online retailers. 

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